Promilless - Quick & reliable alcohol test FIN

These alcohol tests indicate the blood alcohol content from your saliva in a simple and clear manner. The tests indicate, whether the user has more than 0.02% of alcohol in his/her blood and 0.00% if using the Promilless Zero test. These patented tests ensure their functioning in case of e.g. incorrect storage or expired dates of use. The accuracy of the tests is comparable with a blood test. The blood alcohol content from saliva follows very closely to the BAC levels in blood. Promilless is an application of printed intelligence - a smart paper product.

Promilless – Quick & reliable alcohol test ENG

The promilless alcohol tests have been packaged for the English-speaking markets, which our Finnish retailers may also offer to their international customers. Also suitable as a business gift. Promilless – Quick & reliable alcohol tests are currently only available upon order from Goodwiller Oy’s factory in Oulu. Contact requests: info@goodwiller.fi

Promilless – Responsibility as a business gift?

Promilless is always a topical business gift, which will also convey the values of your company - responsible and reliable. To increase the level of attention, we offer the option of branded and customised packaging using your company’s colours. This single strip package is suitable for promotion operations and as a gift. More information and contacts: info@goodwiller.fi

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